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Amakuriat: Community profile

1. Mission:

2. Geographical Situation: Amakuriat is situated in an area on the northern ranch of the Charangani hills between Turkana desert and the high plateau of Karamoja.

Rainfall is good for pasture and crops, like maize, beans and sorghum.

The only stable flowing river is in the South. There are many seasonal torrents.

The land seems to have potentialities for lime stones for production of cements and some other minerals which are still under exploration.

 Social, economic religious situation

The population is approximately of 50,000 people, 99% are Pokot pastoralist. They are in process of settling down and improving agriculture. The Pokot are polygamist and they have large families.

Education is still very low (boys 60% and girls 30%).

The road infrastructure is very poor as well as the means of communication.

Alcoholism is very much widespread among men and women.

The major source of wealth is cattle. Most of the work is done by women in the fields, in small business and in searching of gold.

70% of the people identify themselves as Christians, especially the young generations.

Several protestant churches are present in the territory together with some sects that are creating confusion in peoples’ faith. 

 The community of Comboni Missionary Sisters in Amakuriat was opened on 14th July 1985. The community is working in a very remote area in the north-west part of Kenya. Our presence is mainly for first evangelization, education, women empowerment and health care.

We join our efforts in helping the people to improve their standard of life with formation that address their needs in a holistic way so that they may become, as much as possible, self reliant.

Ministries and Projects run by the sisters:

PASTORAL: Pastoral-catechetical and spiritual support to the different groups of the Parish: catechists, men, women, youth, small Christian communities.

HEALTH:  Health care for the many patients that come every day to the Catholic Dispensary. There is a Mobile clinic project for children and pregnant mothers, vaccinations and HIV/AIDS programme. Programme on hygiene, prevention and food programme for malnourished children.

TEACHING: Teaching in Alale Girls Primary school and formation of the girls leaving in the boarding.

WOMEN PROMOTION:  The groups of women are helped to carry on the aim of the programme of Adult Education. This is to improve their communication and enable them to work together. They receive spiritual and human formation.


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